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“Dragoman” or “tercuman” was the official title of the prestigious interpreters that played key roles in international contacts and diplomacy in the Ottoman capital. The house in Istanbul where the SRII is located is still known as the Dragoman house, after the translators that were active here in the late Ottoman era, when the adjacent consulate general was an embassy.

Dragomanen (“the Dragoman”) is also the annual magazine of the SRII and published in cooperation with its Friends association (Föreningen Svenska Istanbulinstitutets Vänner ) Originally known as Meddelanden (communications), it has appeared under its current name since 1997. It contains articles, essays, and reviews on topics related to the institute’s area of study and aimed at a wider Nordic audience. The language is Swedish but it also accepts contributions in Danish and Norwegian.


Previous editors:

Kristina J. Hesse 2012–2015
Annika Svahnström 2008–2011
Birgit N. Schlyter 1997–2007

Dragomanen is distributed to libraries and members of SRII and FSIV, and can also be ordered at the SRII secretariat.


From 1976 to 1996, the predecessor to Dragomanen – edited by Christopher Toll, Gunnar Jarring and Ulla Ehrensvärd – served as the institute’s main vehicle of information and contained financial and activities reports, lists of board and collegium members and meeting protocols, apart from papers, essays, translations, and reviews. Physical copies of all earlier issues are still available at the office in Istanbul.

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