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The books of the research library are incorporated in the Swedish National Library catalogue LIBRIS. When you wish to check if a specific book is available in our library please do as follows:

  2. Go to LIBRIS webbsök
  3. Click “utökad” (in English: “extended”)
  4. Type in the details of the book you are enquiring
  5. In the “bibliotekskod” (in English: “library code”), write the code of the Swedish Research Institute which is Sfii
  6. If the book appears, the requested item should be available at the SRII
  7. Please note that recently catalogued items in the local catalogue at the SRII may not yet appear in LIBRIS.

If the literature you are searching for does not appear in LIBRIS you are welcome to send your enquiry to the SRII staff who can help you with a local search.

Attention! In order to make a research in the library, the researchers are obliged to get an appointment by calling the institution or sending an e-mail to our executive librarian.

Önemli! Kütüphaneyi ziyaret etmek ve araştırma yapabilmek için araştırmacıların, enstitüyü araması ya da kütüphane sorumlusuna  mail atmaları gerekmektedir.

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