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+90 212 252 41 19 Istiklal Caddesi 247, Tünel – Beyoglu, ISTANBUL P.K. 125 Beyoglu, TR-344 33 ISTANBUL

The SRII hosts research projects funded by third parties, acts as a partner institution for academic initiatives, and provides physical workplaces for scholars in Istanbul. Scholars affiliated to Nordic countries and universities are always given precedence in these matters. Questions, suggestions and proposals should be addressed to the director.

Currently affiliated scholars:

Cecilia Olovsdotter 2016–18 [picture, project link]

Ashk Dahlén [years, picture, project link]

Elisabeth Özdalga [years, picture, project link]

Simon Stjernholm [years, picture, project link]

Gertrud Olsson [years, picture, project link]

Ela Gökalp Aras 2018–20 [picture, project link]

Zeynep Sahin Mencuteke 2018–20 [picture, project link]
[name] 2018–20 picture, project link]


Affiliated scholars from previous years:

Birgit Schlyter 2015–17

Sophie Bedford 2015–17

Matthew Goldman 2014–17

Åsa Eldén 2011–13

Cecilia Olovsdotter 2011-13

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