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Birsel Karakoç

Birsel Karakoç obtained her PhD in Turcology at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany) in 2001 with a thesis titled Studien zum finiten Verbalsystem des Nogaischen. Between 1999 and 2006 she worked as a research fellow on the project “Linguistic connectivity…

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Arne Jarrick

Ph.d. in economic history 1985; Professor of history, SU, 1997-; Secretary General for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Swedish Research Council (VR), 2007-2012; Member of Royal Academy of Science, 2008-; Major research interest: cultural dynamics, particularly global history of law…

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Anders Ackfelt

Anders Ackfeldt (M.A. in Islamology) has been employed at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University since 2007. Since the fall of 2011 he pursues a Ph.D. in Islamology at the Center for Theology and Religious Studies at…

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Kjell Anneling

MBA. Swedish Former Ambassador to i.e. China, Norway, New Zeeland. Under- secretary and head of the Administrative department at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Treasurer of the Board for SRII since 2003.

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Ragnar Hedlund

Ragnar Hedlund obtained a Ph. D. in Archaeology and Ancient History at Uppsala University in 2008. His research has mainly focused on visual culture, archaeology and numismatics in the later Roman empire. He has also been a postdoctoral fellow at…

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Gunnel Ekroth

Gunnel Ekroth received her PhD in Classical archaeology and ancient history from Stockholm University in 1999 with a thesis entitled The sacrificial rituals of Greek hero-cults in the Archaic to the Early Hellenistic periods. In 2011 she was appointed professor…

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Daniel Tarschys

Daniel Tarschys is Professor emeritus in Political Science at Stockholm University. He has been a Member of the Swedish Parliament, State Secretary, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Chair of Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and Vice-President of the International Political Science…

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