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Vol. 22 (2015) Borders And The Changing Boundaries Of Knowledge

Vol. 22 (2015) Borders and the Changing Boundaries of Knowledge

Eds. Inga Brandell, Marie Carlson and Önver A. Çetrez, ISBN 978-91-978813-3-3


Introduction – Inga Brandell, Marie Carlson, Önver A. Çetrez

From Knowledge to Borders
Knowledge at the service of the British Empire: The Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf, Oman and Central Arabia – Nelida Fuccaro
Knowledge production and the World Values Survey: Objective measuring with ethno-centric conclusions – Åsa Lundgren
“Going ashore in Byzantium”: On border crossings in Swedophone travelogues from Mount Athos in the 1950s and 60s – Helena Bodin
The research topic as a guideline – Etienne Copeaux

From Borders to Knowledge
Reading borders and reading as crossing borders – Johan Schimanski
“Are you going to write as we think or as you think?”: On troubled positions, borders and boundaries among immigrant women in a Swedish context – Marie Carlson
Travel and translation: The Case of Karin Johnsson – Tetz Rooke
Changing the boundaries of knowledge: Talking about the silence and the break – Setenay Nil Doğan
“I feel Swedish, but my parents are from there…”: Crossing of identity borders among Assyrian youth in a multicultural context – Önver A. Çetrez
Bakhtin’s conceptual contributions to changes in the boundaries of knowledge – Jostein Børtnes

Borders and Knowledge Back and Forth
Challenging boundaries in the literary field: A perspective from translation studies . Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar
Sabir – On the boundaries of knowledge, nation and language – Inga Brandell
Ottoman interculture: A short interview with Saliha Paker on her studies in Ottoman translation history

Stylistic and thematic changes in the Kurdish novel – Hashem Ahmadzadeh
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