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Vol. 19 (2010) Contested Sovereignties

Vol. 19 (2010) Contested Sovereignties

Government and Democracy in Middle Eastern and European Perspectives

eds. Elisabeth Özdalga and Sune Persson ISBN 9789197881302

1. E. Özbudun, Turkey’s Constitutional Problem and the Search for a New Constitution
2. L. Köker, Contesting “Sovereignty”: Turkey’s Constitutional Problem in the Light of New Conceptualizations
3. V. Kechriotis, The Second Constitutional Period of the Ottoman Empire: A Disputed Legacy
4. I. Sunar, Turkey, the Cultural Factor and the European Union
5. O. Petersson, The Swedish Constitution of 1809
6. D. Mukhopadhyay, Ambition and Retreat: State-Building in Afghanistan and the Persistence of Informal Power
7. S. Darnolf, Pakistan’s Justice Sector: Defending or Diluting the Constitution?
8. S. Zubaida, Role and Strength of Institutions: the Contrasting Cases of Iran and Iraq
9. E. Picard, Consensus Democracy at its Limits: Lebanon in Search of Electoral Reform
10. S. Persson, Ruling with or without a Constitution: Israel and Palestine
11. A-K. Jonasson, Is Monarchy Compatible with Democracy? The Constitutional framework and Royal Initiatives for Democracy in Jordan
12. C. Hassabo, When Constitutional Amendments Mean Authoritarian Consolidation: The Case of Egypt.
13. F. Kohstall, Morocco’s Monarchical Legacy and its Capacity to Implement Social Reforms
14. S. Gustavsson, European Transnational Constitutionalism: End of History, or a Role for Legitimate Opposition?

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